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This document certifies that the Management System of

CMD Coatings Ltd

21 Ash Grove Blackburn Aberdeenshire AB21 0XP

have been assessed and approved by Citation ISO Certification Limited to the following
management systems, standards and guidelines:-

ISO 9001:2015

The scope of the Management System applies to the following:-

The application of polyurethane protective coating systems across all sectors

Original approval: 09/05/2023

Current certificate : 09/05/2023

Certificate expiry: 08/05/2024

Certificate number: 427132023

On behalf of Citation ISO Certification Limited.

Muspole Court, Muspole Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1DJ

This certificate remains valid while while the holder maintains their management system in accordance with the published Standard. Tocheckthe validity and status of this certificate please visit or This Certificate is the property of Citation ISO Certification Limited and must be returned in the event of cancellation.